Provide various services including construction management by taking advantage of long-term experience and achievements in both domestic and international plant construction project.

Engineering Planning

1、Support investigation delegated from clients of site condition and Specific construction permit application
Provide the all series services of obtaining construction permit, such as investigating the essential construction drawing, dealing with the relative government relationship and design instruction,etc. Meanwhile, Launching relevant investigation in detail as request.

2、Contract Project Planning
Project planning include the plant scale and scope, procurement list of equipment and material, delivery on time and temporary facility upon amount of investment as well as cost control.

Construction Management

1、Construction Management Contract
Construction management is a comprehensive management consisting of teaming and managing professional members, project cost budget control, site construction supervision, quality control, coordinating the relationship among owner, contractors and project supervision, as well as specific permit application , quantity survey, acceptance check, negotiation of extra add items etc.

2、Labor dispatching management
To dispatch staffs with professional construction management competency upon owner's requirement.

Various Construction Supports

1、Selecting the subcontractor
Investigate the qualified contractors according to the plant construction scale to provide all series services of inquiry, evaluation, screening and negotiation till signing up subcontract.

2、Tendering Support for Construction
Provide tendering service such as prepared inquiry documents, enquiry, bid evaluation, negotiation, contract documents preparation till subcontract signature.

3、Project Budget Consultation
To provide support of project budget consultation, price and contract terms negotiation till subcontract ever made.

4、Labor dispatching
Provide flexible labor dispatching with site manpower request.

5、Site services
To dispatch specialists who is familiar with accommodation and commuter shuttle arrangement to site.

Engineering Contract

1、Planning for Temprary Work and Construction
Contract the whole temporary works, from planning, purchasing to construction.

2、Equipment Installation
Contract the installation work including relevant electrical, instrument and piping work together with IES Mechanical Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. who is affiliate company and have qualification license of Mechanical Installation.

Contract the expansion/revamp/ protection woks after checking the existed equipment and plant with the cooperative company.